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3 09, 2013

Robert Mann of Worldwide Intelligence Network Solves US Post Office Robbery

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We were retained as private investigators to find out who broke into our client’s US Post Office Box – stole his credit cards and ran up thousands of dollars in charges. To add insult to injury the client’s 1099’s forms were stolen  enabling the thieves to acquire the client and his wife’s social security numbers of which they proceeded to apply for new credit cards using another address. The authorities were notified but hadn’t done much of anything to solve the break in. Inside of three weeks, Robert Mann of Worldwide Intelligence and his team were able to  identify the suspects and where they lived. Worldwide Intelligence Network presented our investigative findings [...]

3 09, 2013

Frantic Parents Searching For Their Missing Son

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Just before the Memorial Day Holiday this year we received a phone call from a gentleman in Florida who told us that his twenty one year old son who is attending college in Santa Monica California suddenly went missing. He and his son communicated everyday either by phone or text messages. Of course our concerns were; was his son abducted, kidnapped, perhaps even murdered. The father told us he had not heard from his son for three days. The father was beside himself with worry, understandably. We were retained to try and locate his son and the father was very [...]

28 08, 2013

One Of The World’s Best Cyber Investigator’s Assists The U.S. Marshal Service in Tracking Down and Arresting a Murder Suspect

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We have had the pleasure of retaining the services of Michael Roberts for the past few years and he has demonstrated time and again how unbelievably talented he is. Simply stated Michael is among the world’s best IT-Cyber investigators and he is a valued asset for our company and our clients. Michael has successfully tracked down numerous scam artists who preyed upon our clients through Internet scams mostly operating outside the United States. Michael just shared with us that he received confirmation from a joint task force of US Marshals and the Maryland State Police that his investigative support led [...]

14 08, 2013

Are You Willing To Be Polygraphed To Prove Your Innocence?

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That was a question we asked all the employees of a grocery store located in Los Angeles after an ATM machine inside the grocery store was broken into on Father’s Day 2013 in the early morning hours just before the market opened for business. The police were called and they took a report but they hadn’t made any progress. Therefore the owner of the ATM machine call us to determine who may have broken into the ATM. A Crazy Access Theory There was no forced entry, no broken windows or doors so it had to be someone who had access [...]

3 06, 2013

Anonymous Internet Reviews

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Authored by Robert Mann of Worldwide Intelligence Network. Over the past few years we’ve been asked by numerous business owners if we could identify and investigate people who posted scathing anonymous internet reviews about their establishments.  The owners wanted to reach out to those reviewers to obtain more information and to make good on any poor experience that customer had. In today’s highly sophisticated age, it is nearly impossible to identify an anonymous email addresses especially those that pay to email through anonymous email websites. Those websites specialize in protecting the true identity of the person sending the email and only by filing a law suit and serving [...]

14 05, 2013

Kidnap for Ransom

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Introduction Mike Clayton has managed over three hundred  private investigation cases worldwide and can pinpoint in 87% of the cases, where the mistakes were made, which determined why the kidnapper chose the victim. Part I of III Kidnap for Ransom Systemic corruption – Mexico: weak law enforcement system A profitable business model –high return with low risk that can be repeated The residual effect of kidnap for ransom How is it that kidnap for ransom is such a low risk business with a high return when there are so many laws against it? How is it that people who have very [...]

14 05, 2013

Kidnap & Ransom Series by Michael Clayton – Presented by Worldwide Intelligence Network

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Are You Equipped? Why Security Briefings Are Important By Michael Clayton; The victim of a kidnap complained after being released that he had followed the security recommendations every day. The guard at the company confirmed his boss would arrive at various times in the morning, that he varied his routes, sometimes arriving from one direction and sometimes from another. He said his boss varied how he arrived, i.e., he varied the use of several cars he owned; he received rides from others, and took taxis from his home to work. So why had the kidnappers taken him? How did the kidnappers know [...]

18 04, 2013

Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places – Catfish Tales

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Robert Mann of Worldwide Intelligence Network has been at the helm of his company for twenty-six years providing private investigation services. It seems incomprehensible at times when his firm receives requests from both men and women asking if we can locate and identify someone they met online. They are referring to people they met on online dating sites and they truly believe they are in love with that person even though they never met that individual in person. As it turns out. one of our female  clients was conned into sending her alleged lover a large amount of money and [...]

4 04, 2013

Executive Protection Agents & Body Guards

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One of the most fulfilling and utterly devoted occupations in the world is that of a Bodyguard also known as an Personal Protection Specialist. A professional Body Guard’s job is to assume the  awesome responsibility of protecting someone’s life. A Personal Protection Specialist makes certain that all possible contingencies are investigated in advance so their client’s passage is safe and secure from possible threats. Many lay persons believe that a tall heavyset foreboding appearing man is enough to scare off a possible perpetrator, Unfortunately, that’s not realistic in the world we live in. A bullet brings down Mr. Big as does a explosive bomb vest and a thrown dagger. What [...]

2 04, 2013

Electronic Stalker Identified Through Private Investigator

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The Need for a Private Investigator At Worldwide Intelligence Network we  received a call from a very concerned mother about her daughter who was a young adult. The mother explained that her daughter had been receiving very graphic, violent and disturbing text messages and emails from an anonymous person. The daughter lived with her significant other (a female) and they both appeared terrified by the verbiage in the texts and emails. They knew and understood the need for a private investigator for the situation. They were so scared that that they eventually resigned from their soccer ball team and never returned to the practice field which was something they [...]

29 03, 2013

Infidelity Assignments

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Private Investigator for Infidelity Robert Mann of Worldwide Intelligence Network has been conducting infidelity investigations as a Beverly Hills, CA private investigator for over 23 years. Our clients are either spouses or significant others who have been involved in fairly long-term relationships.  What usually promulgates an infidelity  investigation is one of the parties in the relationship experience an intuitive feeling that something has changed within their relationship and that odd behavior has interrupted what used to be the norm. As a couple they once enjoyed everything together then, all of a sudden one tells the other they have to work late far too many times or they have to leave town [...]

21 03, 2013

How Do Workers’ Compensation Fraudulent Claims Affect You?

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Billions of dollars in premiums are collected by insurance companies that provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage to businesses and municipalities of all sizes. Premiums are predicated upon the risk within a specific category of work being performed.  As an example, a clerk would not be considered a high risk while a construction worker who works on high rise buildings would be a high risk.  In other words the more likely to be injured on the job the higher the premium.  However, that is not the problem within the Workers’ Compensation Insurance industry. The problem lies with fraud. The Beginning of Workers’ [...]

19 02, 2013

Robert Mann Worldwide Intelligence Network

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Worldwide Intelligence Network aka Robert Mann wincor, has been in business for 23 years. I have enjoyed a fabulous career as a Private Investigator and Personal Protection Specialist.  Sometimes I’m asked “what is it about your profession that you enjoy.” The answer is simple, although we contend with a significant amount of sadness and tragedy, fixing someone’s problem satisfactorily is very rewarding. Each and every case is a challenge and each and every case brings with it a new learning experience. What did we know about Counterfeiting in China or Internet Identity Theft, or Infidelity and Criminal Defense prior to becoming a Private Investigator, the answer; little [...]

12 07, 2012

Frantic Parents Desperately Want To Find Their Missing Child

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A story of finding a lost child. A day before Memorial Day we received a call from a father of a missing child. The father explained that his son hadn’t be heard from in over 48 hours and he asked if we would help find. He told us that his son was 18 years old and that he lived alone in Santa Monica, California with no relatives, girlfriend or friends the father could call upon. The young man’s father told us that he had tried calling his son’s cell phone but it constantly went to voicemail. Within 48 hours we located his son through the use [...]

12 04, 2012

Robbing US Post Offices Has It’s Consequences

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A victim of a crime called us very disturbed about the failure of law enforcement to act upon his US Post Office mail box being broken into and as a result his mail was stolen that contained newly issued credit cards. The client retained us to find out who broke into his Post Office Box. Since his credit cards were stolen fraudulent charges were made into the thousands of dollars. To add insult to injury his 1099’s were also stolen and that enabled the thieves to acquire his and his wife’s social security numbers. Law enforcement at the state and [...]

7 01, 2012

The Runaway Child

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Nothing pains us more than to receive a call from a frantic parent saying their child ran away. Such was the case with a young boy eleven years old in Northern California. The parents knew their son made friends and liked to hang around with a male adult who lived close to their home. How the boy met the man was unclear when we commenced the investigation but the parents were absolutely convinced the man was harboring their son. Some of you may not know that law enforcement has no legal right to inspect a home of a person who might allow [...]

28 12, 2011

The Real World of a Private Investigator

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We have dedicated ourselves to neutralizing the concerns of our clients for the past twenty one years. Each investigative assignment undertaken by us contains a series of challenges and a continuing education that contributes to our knowledge base. Over these years we have and continue to work with some of the finest lawyers in America all of whom have enhanced our ability to provide legal investigative services with our private investigators that culminate in successful outcomes. Clients seek to retain us when they find themselves in a precarious situation or when they are in a troubled state of mind because [...]