Employee Misconduct Investigation ServicesYou worked years building your business into the success it is today, and you have been more than fair to your employees. Unfortunately, you just learned that one or more of your employees are stealing from you.

For the past twenty-five years, employee misconduct investigation services have been one of our most requested investigative services.  Employee theft hinders productivity, company morale, and the overall safety of your workplace environment.

Furthermore, employee theft can negatively impact your company’s reputation and increase the risk of litigation by a terminated employee. We would like you to be aware that an investigation of an employee must be compliant with State and Federal Laws.

How Worldwide Intelligence Network Stops Employee Misconduct

Worldwide Intelligence Network offers small to large businesses, privately held and public corporations the services of our experienced senior investigators many of whom are former police detectives and government agents. With twenty-five years’ experience conducting employee misconduct and malfeasance investigations, we listed five of our most frequent investigative requests and how we respond to them.

  1. Sexual Harassment: Worldwide Intelligence Network’s investigators are trained and experienced in investigating allegations of sexual harassment. We approach these investigations knowing how sensitive it may be to the complainant and we will do everything necessary to get to the truth of this extremely emotional and serious allegation while remaining absolutely neutral.
  2. Employee theft: In almost all incidents of alleged employee theft without actual evidence of same, we will initiate an undercover investigation and a surveillance investigation on the suspect employee (s) that will either confirm or dispel suspicion. Should criminal activity be observed we will professionally document the evidence for it to be acceptable in a court of law.
  3. Embezzlement: Should embezzlement be suspected, we will infiltrate your company with one of our undercover specialists to monitor all employees associated monetary transactions.
  4. Identification of drug/alcohol abuse: Our undercover investigators will identify the use or distribution of illicit drugs and/or use of alcohol.
  5. Monitoring terminated employees: According to a recent survey conducted by Symantec Corporation, 1 out of 2 people who resigned their job or were terminated take confidential information with them. We monitor the behavior of those employees ensuring that does not happen.

Employee Theft: a Case Study

employee stealing

A client called us stating that merchandise purchased by one of his customers failed to arrive, our client was shocked to hear this because he was confident the merchandise had been loaded onto one his delivery trucks.

The client along with his foreman checked their stock to see if the merchandise was inadvertently left behind, it was not. It became apparent that one of his drivers was stealing. The company had five delivery trucks and five drivers who alternated between delivery routes.

We assigned a surveillance investigator to each of the five truck drivers and we installed a GPS tracking device on each  truck. The GPS tracker provides live monitoring which includes the address where each truck stops. After several days of surveillance, one of the drivers was observed parked in a vacant lot, transferring a significant amount of merchandise from his truck into a waiting van. Video was taken of the driver unloading the company’s merchandise.

The driver was arrested upon his return to our client’s warehouse and word quickly spread among the company’s employees that one their co-workers was arrested for grand theft.

It became known to all of the company’s employees that their boss was not going to tolerate theft and that any employee caught stealing was going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Worldwide Intelligence Network handed over the original video taken during the commission of that crime to the police and the District Attorney presented it as evidence in court.

Case closed!!

Drug & Alcohol Abuse: a Case Study

The H R department of rather large company advised their CEO that an anonymous whistle-blower emailed them saying one of the company’s employees was selling illicit drugs to other employees. Although there were close circuit cameras (CCTV) installed throughout the facility, it appeared that the drug dealing was done out of view of the cameras.

Worldwide Intelligence Network was retained to investigate, and we assigned an a bilingual Hispanic undercover investigator to work inside the company because most of the employees were Hispanic.

Undercover investigations can be quite dangerous. Knowing how to be inconspicuous and blend into the workforce takes training, patience, and intelligence. A drug dealing employee cannot under any circumstance suspect he is under investigation or serious repercussions could develop. Illicit drugs consumed by employees while at work can cause serious if not fatal workplace accidents and it can also stimulate physical altercations among the employees as well as insubordination.

Within two pay periods, our undercover investigator witnessed the sale of illicit drugs being sold to several employees. The undercover investigator took covert video of the transactions and the drug dealing dealer and his customers were all terminated.

Case closed!!

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