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As New York Infidelity Private Investigators we appreciate this is a very sensitive topic for anyone who suspects their significant other of cheating. We understand how awkward, and even scary it is to call an Infidelity New York Private Investigator concerning your suspicion that your life’s partner might be committing adultery. Coming to terms with the possibility of betrayal is devastating, heart breaking and can also break your spirit. The call usually starts with “I need to know if my significant other is being unfaithful.”

Above all else your piece of mind is priceless and it is at risk. Trust and loyalty are the most important aspects in a relationship. To reassure yourself that your bond remains strong you need to know without a doubt whether your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful. The only way to know is for you to retain our NYC Infidelity Private Investigators  that have been conducting Infidelity investigations in New York City for decades. Worldwide Intelligence Network is a renowned infidelity investigation company.  Here are what some of our clients say about us.

I must admit that I was quite anxious and very apprehensive about calling a private investigator. I had conjured up a number of mental images consisting of creepy men in raincoats, fedora hats, wearing dark glasses with binoculars hangings from their necks.  My issue concerned a matter of infidelity whereby I had to determine if it was actually happening and I had to be assured of absolute confidentially because my significant other is a well-known public figure. My nerves quickly dissolved upon speaking with Barbara, the assistant director of the company.  She listened intently and immediately put me at ease because she understood how sensitive a matter this was for me. I retained her company to conduct a infidelity surveillance and at the conclusion of the surveillance assignment the information they obtained was absolutely incredible. All of my concerns were realized and documented by irrefutable video evidence.  Thanks to Worldwide Intelligence Network, I still sleep right beside my significant other who to this day remains true to our relationship. I would not hesitate to call upon Barbara, if I ever required the services of a private investigator. Nancy H. Boston, MA

Our firm has retained the investigative services of Worldwide Intelligence Network for the past twenty years.  The assignments given to them involved complex litigation matters which they performed to our satisfaction. Their Director of Operations, Robert Mann, always accomplished his assignments timely and professionally. I continue to retain their services whenever we require discreet, skilled investigative services. Martin P. New York, NY

“I retained the services of Robert Mann’s Worldwide Intelligence Network to handle a very sensitive matter for my family in Los Angeles, CA. Not knowing of any reputable Private Investigators in Los Angeles, I called several and when I reached Robert Mann, I immediately sensed he was a consummate professional and someone I could trust. Robert and his team of investigators performed brilliantly and to my total satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.  Robert Mann immediately demonstrated that he was experienced in the area I asked him to help me and I found his integrity beyond reproach. Mine was a case of intellectual property and flagrant counterfeiting of my family’s company business that has been established for nearly a generation. Worldwide intelligence Network identified the counterfeiters, their distributors and he liaison with law enforcement to affect an arrest of some very bad people. I would not hesitate to retain the services of Worldwide Intelligence Network. Robin F. Cumming, GA

You deserve to know whether the person you love turned into a cheater, an adulterer, a liar or an entirely different person altogether. If you have the courage to know the truth then contact Worldwide Intelligence Network for the very best professional New York Infidelity Private Investigators.  


The Most Common Indicators of Infidelity

These are among the most prominent signs of cheating or infidelity

  • They tell you they need their own space for a while
  • Suddenly they have to work late more often
  • You see lipstick on their collar or you smell unfamiliar perfume/cologne
  • They become more irritated than usual
  • You see sensual or sexually explicit texts or email messages on their cell phone
  • Sex between you seems to be on the backburner
  • You are no longer receiving compliments as to how nice or attractive you look
  • Your partner’s eyes wander over to every seemingly attractive person who comes into view
  • Their usual prompt dog walks suddenly take much longer
  • They may not touch you as often
  • They compare how you look to someone they know at work
  • Their gym workouts become longer
  • They become less affectionate or interested in you
  • They stopped showing signs of casual affection or holding your hand
  • You’ve been overly busy and have not been paying attention to them, they are angry
  • Trust your gut. If your intuition is telling you that your partner is cheating, don’t dismiss it

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“Integrity is the essence of everything successful. When you break the rules of integrity you invite serious complications into your life. Keep life simple and enjoyable by doing what you know in your heart is right.”

Worldwide Intelligence Network is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Yelp and AngiesList rate us with five stars. For additional information about us please read our testimonials.

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