crumpled dollar bill on cut up credit cardHere is a real case study of a robbery investigation we conducted. John (not his real name) called us, very disturbed about how the police had not helped him find the people who broke into his US Post Office mail box and stolen his mail, which contained newly issued credit cards. Fraudulent charges were made on his credit cards, costing thousands of dollars. To add insult to injury, his 1099’s were also stolen (Internal Revenue Service tax forms), which enabled the thieves to acquire his and his wife’s social security numbers. John retained us to find out who the thieves were and to reclaim his credit cards and personal information.

John had contacted law enforcement at the State and Federal levels, but they did not do anything.

Within three weeks of contacting us, we identified the suspects and located their place of residence as well. All of this information was documented as evidence, including surveillance videos that were taken of the suspects inside the stores where they used the stolen credit cards. The evidence was given to a United States Postal Inspector.

Further investigation revealed that the same suspects had been breaking into US Post Offices Boxes throughout two counties in Southern California and had subsequently fraudulently charged hundreds of thousands of dollars. They even applied for new credit cards in the name of their victims, but requested they be mailed to their own post office boxes!

John wanted to know who they were. We discovered that the ring leader had just been paroled out of a Federal Prison for the exact same crime we caught him for. His wife and adopted adult daughter assisted in the scheme, along with his daughter’s boyfriend (who had a heroine addiction).

Within a week, the US Attorney issued Federal Search and Arrest Warrants on all of the suspects. They found nearly all the loot in their home.

John was able to reclaim his credit cards and the fraudulent charges were reversed. The thieves received prison sentences.

Are you a victim of robbery and identity theft?