Civil and criminal investigation services relies on an accurate, thorough and comprehensive approach to compile the facts that will support your case.

The Worldwide Intelligence Network Advantage

As expert civil and criminal investigators, we are constantly challenged by our attorney clients in New York and California to accomplish investigative tasks that are at times unique and complex. Our role is to assist the attorney to prove their legal objectives. We believe through years of experience working with attorneys that it is important for the attorney to thoroughly brief the investigator about their case and to communicate what their investigative objectives are to avoid wasted time and to concentrate on what is most important to the case at hand. Our firm has twenty five years of successful civil and criminal investigative experience and we work with and under the guidance of some of the most renowned attorneys in America.

An Interesting Criminal Investigation Case Study

We live in an imperfect world where greed is usually the primary evil that drives men and women to their demise and who ultimately find themselves in court to face criminal or civil charges that could end up costing them their freedom, wealth and reputation. Very few stop to think they will ultimately have to account for their misdeeds. All one has to do is walk the corridors of any court house and witness the agony of the criminally accused and the plaintiffs and defendants. We know hundreds if not thousands of incarcerated  men and women are convicted of crimes they are innocent of. Such was the case described in the following criminal investigation case study.

We received a call from a gentleman stating that prior to calling us he met with three very well known criminal attorneys in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills but according this gentlemen none of them were interested in or took the time to listen to the his explanation as to why he believed he was a victim of entrapment. In addition, none of those attorneys were interested in reviewing the sixty pages of documents produced by the Assistant United Stated Attorney.  The advise given to this gentleman by all three attorneys was that he plead guilty to bribing a federal immigration agent. After spending over a half of million dollars on legal fees, the gentleman threw up his hands and declared he had enough of lawyers and agreed to plead guilty after being told by his last attorney who was a federal public defender that he would only be given a three month sentence in a minimum security prison and he would not be able to vote anymore.

This was not an ordinary federal criminal case, as it involved six federal government agencies all of whom were involved in investigating this man for multiple criminal activities. The investigation lasted for two years and two million dollars was allocated by the government for the investigation of this gentleman and his business dealings.

Initially, we told this gentleman that retaining us would be a waste of his money since he had already plead guilty. The gentleman said he understood but his brother was very tenacious and he pleaded with us to examine the documents the government turned over in discovery that allegedly would establish his guilt. We agreed to review the sixty pages the government turned over. After a careful examination of all sixty pages we were stunned by the clear and obvious bogus documents given to the United States assistant attorney by the immigration agent.

Over the years we have worked with several superb attorneys. However there was one particular attorney we thought might be able to find a loophole in the client’s guilty plea whereby the judge might allow the client to withdraw his plea and proceed to trial. The attorney we had in mind was a former United States Assistant Attorney who worked under Robert Kennedy and subsequently went into private practice. We  had worked with this attorney on numerous cases involving highly complex litigated matters and we had tremendous respect for his ability as a litigator. Actually he has a proven track record of never losing a trial.

Our client after being convinced by his brother, asked us to present his case to the attorney we recommended which we did. We then introduced our client to the attorney and his firm. The result was an astonishing victory for the client, for us and, of course, for the lawyer we recommended. The judge allowed the guilty plea to be withdrawn due to some reversible errors and the case went to trial.

We are proud to say our investigative contributions benefited the client and his attorney because the case was dismissed in mid-trial. The immigration agent was indicted for “criminal perjury” and his badge and weapon were taken away. He eventually left the United States to return to the Philippines where he was from. This case involved over two million dollars of funding by the United States Government to launch unprecedented international investigation of this client all of which was predicated upon the statements made to United States Justice Department and the FBI by a corrupt immigration agent. Not a single trace of wrongdoing was uncovered during that two year federal investigation. Worldwide Intelligence Network and the attorney who tried the case were up against the FBI, the United States Department of Justice, the United Stated Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) all brought into this case by a pathological liar, the immigration agent who surreptitiously created fraudulent government documents. Months of an uncompromising investigative effort by us interviewing numerous reluctant witnesses ultimately set the client free. One of the most egregious acts other than him falsifying government forms was continually perjuring himself on the witness stand. After the trial the United States Inspector General called the attorney who defended our client to tell him that the Assistant US Attorney who tried the case was terminated because he knew all along that the sixty pages of documents were bogus. The two FBI agents who worked alongside of the Assistant US Attorney were also terminated. The case made headlines in the Los Angeles Times as it was unprecedented in large part due to the judge ordering a criminal perjury investigation into the immigration agent. Our client lives happily and gratefully in Los Angeles, California