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Worldwide Intelligence Network’s Los Angeles litigation support services division is proud to provide pro-bono investigative services to the Los Angeles Public Counsel. Our Director Robert Mann is a qualified provider of the California State Bar MCLE Program and has presented numerous MCLE seminars to some of the most distinguished law firms in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties.

For the past 25 years’ we have successfully investigated highly complex litigated cases on a multinational scale for numerous renowned law firms with clients consisting of; entrepreneurial high net-worth clients, public and multinational corporations, celebrities, small to large businesses and the public at large. We are continually involved in a number of extraordinary and epic cases as California and New York licensed private investigators. Our diverse investigative expertise covers; intellectual property infringement, fraudulent insurance claims, criminal defense, embezzlement, white collar crime, counterfeiting, corporate espionage and conspiracy, identity theft, asset location and recovery, cyber intrusion, locating reluctant or difficult to find witnesses, conducting witness interviews, evidence procurement, in-depth executive level background investigations often on foreign principals involved in mergers & acquisitions. Much of our intelligence gathering is assisted with the help of highly placed confidential resources around the world. Mr. Mann and his associates are superb researchers and interviewers as evidenced by their confidential -privileged- attorney-client-work product reports. All of our investigations comply with Federal and State laws.

Many of our private investigators are former federal agents and law enforcement officers. Since 1991, Worldwide Intelligence Network has maintained an astonishing record of success as a private investigation legal support services firm assuring our clients of a swift resolution for their cases.

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