For the past twenty-five years Worldwide Intelligence Network has had the pleasure of providing New York Litigation Support Services to some of New York’s most renowned attorneys. Among our attorney clients is a former Senior Trial Counsel in the Major Felony Program and Deputy Chief of the New York Frauds Bureau and Special Assistant Attorney in the Special Prosecution Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s Office. Another client held senior positions in the United States government as; Deputy Attorney General under Robert F. Kennedy; Deputy Assistant of the Treasury; Director of Law Enforcement under Secretaries of the Treasury David Kennedy, John Connally and George Schultz where he coordinated law enforcement policy within the Treasury Department, including the IRS, Customs, Secret Service and Interpol now known as Home Land Security. dhs-logo-big

We’re honored to work under the direction of these distinguished attorneys who handle very complex, epic and challenging national and international cases.

Among some of our most challenging investigations are as follows; We were retained to gather evidence to discredit the plaintiff in a multi-million dollar breach of contract suit. The plaintiff was the CEO of a public company. Our investigation secured evidence of multiple SEC violations including but not limited to falsified income filings. The case settled for a fraction of the amount sought. One international investigation stands out that pertained to a four hundred million dollar fraud and embezzlement of a Bank in France. We located crucial incriminating evidence of the embezzlement and fraud perpetrated upon the bank. We were instrumental is locating crucial witnesses and obtaining their statements. Ultimately we traced the embezzled funds to an offshore bank in the Isle of Mann. Although all of these investigations were truly challenging one particular investigation was incredibly gratifying and it pertained to a client who came to us after pleading guilty to bribing a Federal Immigration Agent because none of the three criminal attorneys he retained in Los Angeles believed that he was framed. We recommended he meet with Martin Pollner, Esquire and John Lang, Esquire partners at Loeb & Loeb in New York whom we worked with for years. This case was set in the Central District Court in Los Angeles. Our client retained Loeb & Loeb who were successful in getting the guilty plea reversed and the case went to trial. The case was dismissed and the Federal Immigration Agent was charged with criminal perjury and eventually deported to the Philippines where he was born. We learned that the US Government had spent over two million dollars investigating our client because the Federal Immigration Agent told the US Attorney that our client was smuggling drugs across the United States and was paying off US Custom Agents in addition to paying all of his 300 employees under the table. Not one criminal charge was filed against our client as all the allegations were falsely created by the Immigration Agent. Our adversaries at the time of this investigation were the FBI, US Customs, DEA and the IRS. Although our investigation was stellar we would be remiss not to acknowledge the magnificent defense Mr.Lang presented to the court in the matter of US vs Mullen.

We believe you should be aware that Worldwide Intelligence Network has cultivated extraordinary global resources who have assisted us in obtaining otherwise unobtainable intelligence that resulted in game changing results for our clients.

Worldwide Intelligence Network is ranked among the Top Five Private Investigation Companies in America by Conde Nast Publications.

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